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First there was Persepolis. There is no way
that I can really do justice to the remains of
Persepolis - lots of amazing petroglyphs and builing
remains and a very definate "Alexander was here"
feeling. There is so much left here - including the
tombs of Ataxerxes 1 an III (I think). Next was
Pasargadae - the Tomb and personal palace of Cyrus the
Great. There are less remains of these but the place
is immensely atmospheric. Finally - the tombs of
Darius 1 and 2 and Xerxes to complete the set - these
are impresive rock toimbs built into a clidff on the
way back to Shiraz.

Back to Shiraz for a massive argument with the driver
(the details of which could fill a book - but he was
trying to pull a fast one by getting me to pay twice -
an innocent passerby was told by the driver "He is
European and they are all stupid"!). I won (CA Taxi
drivers 3 - Paul 2) but I think I upset some goddess
since after this point I started to lose things.